Is the It Works Body Wrap a Scam? or does it really work?

Short & Sweet Post – approved by the FDA?

IT-pack-berry (1)

Came across some skeptics about itWorks! products. Mainly about these products have NOT been approved by the FDA? Absolutely TRUE. However, there are a good chunk of supplemental products, vitamins, and other health related products which are NOT either. This includes the prenatal I am currently taking. It isnt about being skeptic or asking questions, it’s a matter of potentially doing a little research on what YOU should take or NOT take. With the wise and professional counseling of a healthcare professional AKA your primary MD, both of you should be able to come up with a reasonable conclusion whether or not you should take itWorks products. In the mean time, I will continue to help those who seek the products I sell and make money doing it!!! BAM

Cristina Duran.- Independent Distributor It Works! Global


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