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Just share what you love!!! 

I hear 👂🏽 this a lot: “I want to but I’m just not a salesperson.” Great! Me neither! I just share what I love! 💚
1. You shared a picture of that Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks ☕ this morning, in that festive fall 🍁cup, and that caused your friends to stop by their local Starbucks. SOLD!
2. You posted a picture of that DELICIOUS meal 🍝 from the local Italian restaurant, and that caused some your friends to go there to try it for themselves. SOLD!
3. You shared about the CUTEST baby boutique 👶🏻 with the hippest baby gear, and all your mama friends were hopping on their web browser to buy their duds. SOLD!
4. You posted that HOT selfie wearing the most STUNNING lip color 💄 and that caused ALL your besties to run to Sephora to buy it. SOLD!
The ONLY difference is, YOU didn’t get paid for those referrals! 😭 
Starbucks did. 💵💵💵

The restaurant did. 💵💵💵

That baby boutique did. 💵💵💵

Sephora did.💵💵💵 
How about SHARING about an amazing product that really WORKS, and YOU get paid RESIDUAL income from that? Seems like a no brainer to me. 
“Not a salesperson?” Perfect! I’m just looking for REAL people to share everyday life! 
Let me know when you’re ready to earn that extra cash! 💸 
There’s a $500 bonus available NOW, but only until October 31st 🎃. You have 2 months to earn it. Where does that put us? Oh, that’s right, CHRISTMAS! 🎄 As if that wasn’t enough until TONIGHT at midnight you get $200 worth of amazing products FREE just for taking this leap with me & starting your own business today! #opportunity #business #itworksadventure


One thought on “Just share what you love!!! 

  1. shanellis9 says:

    Hi I like your post… I had wrote a post a little like what you wrote. It was about finding the right home-based business that is fun and that fits you life style. This way you wont look at it like a business and it has to serious but in way that is fun and inviting.

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