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It Works Products – Skin / Facial

FACIAL- Deep hydration mask


Don’t wear your age on your faceTighten, tone, and firm to give your face a lift in as little as 45 minutes. This cream-infused, deep hydration mask soothes skin and softens the look of fine lines and wrinkles while continuously hydrating for a more beautiful you!

· Tightens, tones, and firms to give your face a lifted look.

· Softens the appearance of those fine lines and wrinkles.

· Soothes and smooths through continuous hydration.

· Wakes up tired skin with a burst of refreshing botanicals.

·  Just 45 minutes to a more luminous, younger-looking you.


1. Clean face.

2. Remove Facial from packaging and unfold.

3. Lean head back and position the Facial ( lotion side to skin) over your face, pat it down as you go so that it is in contact all over.

4. Leave on for 45-60 minutes.

5. Once removed, gently massage in the remain lotion.

6. Discard the Facial after use.


How do I apply the Facial Applicator?

Wash and dry your face thoroughly, I recommend not applying lotion before applying the wrap. Remove the Facial Applicator from packaging and unfold. Gently lean your head back and apply the lotion side of the Facial Applicator to the face; ensuring that the eyes match your eyes, nose to nose etc. Smooth out the Facial Applicator ensuring good contact with your skin. Leave on for a minimum of 45 minutes. Once the 45 minutes has passed, remove the Facial Applicator and discard of it. Gently rub the remaining lotion into your skin and allow to dry.

Once your face dries you may rinse your face and apply the hydrating toner and freshener along with any other It Works! facial cream you normal use; however you may not require any of these as your face will be immensely hydrated and fresh.

How long should I leave the Facial Applicator on?

Just 45 minutes! That is all the time the Facial Applicator needs to have your skin feeling softer, smoother more hydrated and looking years younger! For best results, use the Facial Applicator once or twice a week.

Does it contain the same ingredients used in the Body Wraps?

No, the Facial Applicator does not contain the same ingredients as the Body Wraps. It is specifically designed for the face with its own set of soothing, natural botanicals; including aloe, lavender and green tea leaf extract.

Can it be used at the same time I use the Body Wraps?

Yes, since the formulas are different, you can use the Facial Applicator at the very same time you are using the Body Wraps on any part of your body. This includes on your chin or neck.

Will the Facial Applicator help acne?

No, it is not specifically formulated to treat acne.

Can you use it while pregnant or nursing?

Yes, this is a product that can be safely used by pregnant or nursing mamas. However, if you have a concern, please consult with your doctor.

How do I purchase?

There are three ways to purchase.

  1. RETAIL – You can purchase an individual facial wrap from me for $20 (add $5 if you require shipping). You can also purchase a box of facial wraps or any of the other products at Retail pricing. online.  ** HOST A PARTY ** And get wrapped for FREE! Email me for Details.
    One Pack (4 Applicators) Retail: $99.00
  1. LOYAL CUSTOMER – Save 40-45% on all products! Tobecome a Loyal Customer, purchase a minimum of one product per month for the first three months, with no minimum dollar requirement! . You can choose to cancel at any time after the third month, but you will always receive Loyal Customer pricing!
    One Pack (4 Applicators) Loyal Customer: $59.00 **Saving $40** Get FREE THE EXFOLINTING PEEL- LIMITED TIME ONLY
  1. DISTRIBUTOR – Share the benefits of this amazing productto those you know while earning an income! Receive residual income, $100 Fast Start Bonuses, $100 in free product, discounted Applicators, and many other benefitsJoin now and start changing lives! Not only does it change an individual physically, it increases confidence and self esteem! There is nothing better than witnessing how much this product can improve a person’s overall health and well-being and attitude on life!




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